Thursday, 12 May 2016

Updates from Anniebesant Special (MR) School

This year 2016, has been a good start to us. We have been busy in lots of activity.
Would like to take this opportunity to share some recent updates on activity happening in the school premises.

1. Awarded Govt Grant to Construct the School Boundary.
Sincere thanks to the Govt authority to understand the need of this special school, and lending support for holistic development.
Men at Work Building School Boundary Premise

Govt Grant for School Boundary 
2. Nav Durga Workship at School
Its that time of year, when people here pray for good harvest, and worship the first harvest of the season. We at school also celebrate along with NavDurga Worship. Here are the few images to share, how it went on and culminated at the Ghats of River Narmada.

3. Memorable Trip to Salkanpur Mandir
 It is a very famous temple on a hill top on the outskirts of hoshangabad, School management make sure to arrange field outing, for our MR schildren on regular interval. It helps in the regular training and sensitization of society at large about the special care, and special attention requirement by our children. Here are some amazing pics of the trip.

4. Regular skill enhancement and workshop at school premises.
At Anniebesant special (MR) we are running regular and temporary skill development training. Here are few updates, on how the childrens are keeping them engaged with our Hand-Loom Project. Where in we create value for money product from waste cloth material. School invested in purchasing thes handloom machine, got them retrofitted so that MR children can learn to operate them easily. Trainer from outside were invited to impart training to teachers and student. Now it has become a regular feature at our school. For more updates and know how you can buy such product kindly contact the school admin.