The services rendered by the Dr Anniebesant School for Mentally Disabled, for the cause of suffering humanity during the last 12 years have not gone unnoticed. In appreciation and public recognition of the distinguished services rendered by Mrs Arati Dutta founder and management trustee of Anniebesant Trust, Hoshangabad Madhya Prades, India. Itself under his able initiative and leadership, High Dignitaries in the government, Social Organisation and societies etc. have honored Mrs. Arati Dutta and the school with appreciate awards, honors, appreciation, citation etc. from time to time. Looking at the following it would astonished and surprise any viewer about the skill, determination and capacity of a single individuals who has made it happen.

  • Chief Minister Commendation Award, 
  • Maharishi Dadhichi Award, for outstanding work in Education 
  • Ahilya Devi Award, by Samarth Parishar


The Trust has, till now, rendered following service, totally free of cost, for welfare and upliftment of the poor, aged, women, children and the disabled- (the figure as on Date October, 1985 to March, 2015)
- Organized Flood Relief Camps in 2013, Distributed Food Packet, Cloths and Other Daily use Item
- Organizes Disability Camps, where Parents and Children can come for free counseling.

Success Stories

There are many Success Stories that can be shared with you. Showing the prominent work of the trust in empowering the members of the society