Long Term Project:

Dr AnnieBesant Special (MR) School: This was established in year 2002, and got registration from State Government in year 2003. This school is mainly to provide for disabled children of the lower income group and weaker section of the society. Along with the Rehabilitation & Skill Training, which is provided in the school. It also help in spreading awareness, among the local people, organize camps for information distribution, and providing regular health and psychiatric evaluation for the children and their parents. The school has a regular staff including Special Educators, Music Teacher, Drawing Teacher, Vocal Therapist, Computer Operator, Accounts & Admin staff, Drivers, Security Guards.

The school has a maximum intake of 75(50+25) students. Most of the students are from nearby areas, they are bought to school daily by a modified (Maxi-Van) which is operated by the school authority.
This project is partially funded by the state government and rest is made available by esteemed donors. 

Samarth (Vikalp) Vihar : Started along with Dr AnnieBesant Special (MR) School, which is a day boarding school. This is the only residential institution with boarding facility, in Hoshangabad, MP, INDIA for mentally disabled children. The school has a maximum capacity of 25 students. Students from weaker section of society, and with intellectual disability or developmental disorder are taken in. This is a full service institution, where in during the day physio-therapy, skill development, small handicraft work is taught to them. There is a dedicated Cook, Warden (Special Educator), and guard taking care of their need round the clock.  

This project is partially funded by the state government, and rest is made available by esteemed donors. 

Dr Anniebesant Sangeet Academy (Music Training Center): The school also runs various vocation training courses from time to time for disabled as well as normal people. One of its long term initiative is to operate Music Training Center, where student from nearby localities can come and learn various disciplines like Classical Singing, and different Instruments like Tabla, Guitar, and Harmonium
Classes are operated all year long and December every year Written and Practical exams are conducted through Prayam Sangit Samiti, Allahbad. This initiative is inline with the organizations goal in providing facility for skill development and value addition in the society.


Association with Trash for Cash Society, Faridabad: Recently Dr Anniebesant Special (MR) School associated with Trash for Cash Society of Faridabad, founded by Dr. Madhumita Puri. This has led to new learning and skill development of Incense Stick making and Holi Color making with the waste flower collected from various temples of Hoshangabad.
This helps in two ways, helps in generating some earning for the disabled children and the school, and also help in keeping the River Narmada clean, as the flower are collected before thrown into the river for the above project.

Making Articles out of Waste Cloth Material (Hand loom Project): The school has also invested into installing a Hand loom making Handicraft machine. This would in turn will help creating usable articles such as Bed Sheet, Mat, Table Top and Covers out of waste and old clothing material like Saris, Kurti, BedSheet, Loongi etc. 

Recently the project was inaugurated by the Commissioner of Hoshangabad, in the presence of many esteemed guest. The project and the initiative was lauded by all. This will provide skill development for other disabled people, and provide training to those who want to learn this skill and make a earning out of this,