Sunday, 19 July 2015

Special Olympics World Summer Games Los Angeles

(Fact: Eunice Kennedy Shriver founded the Special Olympics in 1968)
Special Olympics World Summer Games to be held at Los Angeles in California from July 25 to August 2, 2015
Throughout the nine days of inspiring competition, the 2015 World Games will offer many festive, educational and engaging programs for athletes, guests, families and fans.  
Participants of Special Olympic
 +Special Olympics World Games Los Angeles 2015 
We would be closely following various sporting events and development. You are also invited to join the fun at the Special Olympics Festivals, special sports and program demonstrations, Opening and Closing Ceremonies and more. Learn about the Special Olympics Movement and be inspired by the dedication of millions of supporters who keep the Special Olympics spirit alive every day in communities across the globe. 

Also we would like to share the story of Indian Girl, Ashwini Atalkar, Differently abled, and suffering from mental disabilities since childhood, can run like the wind! She is all set to run the 100 metre sprint at the Special Olympics World Summer Games 2015.  American President Barack Obama is likely to be at the event which is organized by the Joseph Kennedy Junior Foundation for promoting sports for the intellectually challenged persons.

An Indian Contention
As reported in  NAGPURTODAY edition (+Rajeev nagpurtoday), Story of Ashwini, daughter of Vinayak Atalkar and his wife, Ashwini was not just intellectually challenged but physically fragile too. As her coach Vishal Naik recollects “When she came to us, she was very fragile and her hands were bent and locked. Initially, it was extremely difficult for us to train her. We made her undergo physiotherapy sessions. But she soon made amends, and herself took interest. She was very punctual and used to report for the practice before time.” Vishal is so impressed by her zeal he says ” Her determination and passion to excel is really amazing. Every youngster can learn from her”.families and fans.  

Ashwini had to first clear trials at district level, then state and nationals before clearing four preparatory camps where they grill the candidates under toughest of conditions. She travelled Delhi, Mumbai and Hyderabad for these trials. Her proud 43-year-old father gives credit for her success to her determination and her coach’s hard work.

Ashwini has ben helped by CAFE Ngo of Nagpur in meeting with her sporting and schooling goals.

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