Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Sangeet Academy

Inauguration of the Dr Anniebesant Sangeet Academy
Inauguration Of Dr Anniebesant Sangeet Academy

Dr Anniebesant Sangeet Academy (Est 2000)

Initially started as a Dr Anniebesant Sr Sec School (Est 1985), Its aim was to provide holistic education to the children of the poor and middle income group in the society. Alongside with general education it was also important to keep the youth in sync with the Cultural Heritage, Indian Classical Dance, Music and Instrumental Learning.

Thus start of the Dr Anniebesant Sangeet Academy in year 2000. This initiative helped to conduct this Music Training Center, where regular class were held for Theory and Practical Learning. This facility not only gave the opportunity to the school children, but also other children who were interested to learn this art. Till date hundreds of students have taken formal training from this institute.

Dr. Anniebesant Sangeet Academy is registered with Prayag Sangeet Samiti, of Allahabad through which every year in December it conducts written and practical exams for various disciplines like Classical Singing, and different Instruments like Tabla, Guitar, and Harmonium.

Dr. Anniebesant Sangeet Academy, also facilitate as a nodal point for students of the other institute for conducting of yearly exams. It is one of its kind Music Training Center in Hoshangabad, Madhya Pradesh, India.

After the start of Dr Anniebesant Special (MR) School in year 2002,  the teaching faculty at the music training center, also helps out in vocal and speech therepy training of students with development disability and others with Intellectual Disability. It is really heartening to see how these specially able children have the interest and ability to learn the music and dance. It makes your heart melt with joy.

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