Thursday, 2 April 2015

World Autism Day 2nd April

The NGO Dr. Annie Besant School for MR Children was established at Hoshangabad for the rehabilitation and integration of adults with developmental disabilities in 2002. Mrs Aarati Dutta, who has been a social activist all her life, started the NGO and has been endeavoring to help mentally disabled / autistic people for over 15 years. Ahead of World Autism Awareness Day, which is observed on April 2 every year. The first time the day was observed was back in 2008, after it was designated by the United Nations General Assembly.

The school with its limited resources, and help that it gets from the government grants, has tried its best to create a environment which can provide a holistic development to these specially able children.

The main idea is to train them and provide them with necessary skill training so that they also become a self reliant and can add value to the society at large.

Where as there are many esteemed society of member who time and often come forward to help in kind and cash, but still we would like to appeal to the goodwill of the other capable person to come forward a give their time and resources, and help put a smile on the faces of these children

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